Our Commitment Approach
We work directly in Africa (sub-Saharan Africa) where majority of these deaths occur to women and children due to basic health needs. Our goal is to offer sustainable essential health and medical services.
Medical Facility and Infrastructure
We buy a land in an African country, design and build efficient and environment friendly medical facilities, serving women and children in that country. The facility becomes our base location for our staff and a site for offering our personalized care services giving the community assurance about our committed health services.

This facility also becomes a key resource for our medical volunteers to use if needed to gain access to any medical equipment or supplies while giving their time in the field. A location the community can count on for their essential primary care health needs.
Step 1
Medical Facility
We buy a land in an African country, design and build medical facilities that is environment friendly, water and energy efficient which becomes our premises to serve the women and children in that country.
Step 2
Our Services
We offer high-quality personalized care for women and children in need of health and medical services at no cost due to the money raised from donors and partners.
Step 3
Mobile Clinics
Our Mobile Medical Units serve as a Mobile Clinic traveling to underserved communities with no medical infrastructure, limited access to health service or challenging public transportation systems
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