Why Women & Children
Every year 289,000 plus women die from pregnancy and childbirth-related complication and nearly 3 million newborn babies die every year.

That is in equivalent to the population in Orange County California. The majority of these occur in Africa (or sub-Saharan Africa). The fact is nearly all are preventable with access to basic quality health services.
This is the situation?
Every two minutes a woman dies from pregnancy complication or childbirth. That is 800 women a day. Gestational diabetes affects 1 in 7 births which is also rising very fast. Currently, 75% of people with diabetes live in the developing countries. Not to mention 2.6 million stillbirths occur yearly as well.

Pneumonia is widespread in Africa killing 920,136 children under age 5 years old. Diarrhea takes 525,000 children’s lives yearly.
Our Solution
We face these preventable deaths from newborn babies to maternal and pneumonia which we can eliminate today. We tackle the problem by providing essential pediatrics, gynecologic and obstetric health services to underprivilege women and children in Africa at no charge.

We create community awareness, offer prevention support and counseling services all focused on the well-being and health of the poor children and women across Africa.

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